Male panchs try to suppress the cases of violence against women and other related issues. Social evils are hurdles and police generally do not register the cases. Tribal Self Rule (PESA): Almost all the villages of the association works fall under the scheduled area. So the prime agenda of the Association is […]


Migrant labour is one of the important sources of livelihood in the Kotra. Large numbers of people migrate to adjoining towns and states for labour. During the period of migration these people face many problems and are exploited due to lack of knowledge of laws, record keeping etc. The forum works for increasing the awareness and building capacities of […]

Migrant Labour Rights

Many problems and issues can solved at village if good representatives are elected at the Panchayat level. Also the association has promoted women leadership. Keeping this in mind association made efforts to bring awareness in people by means of following activities. SWEEP campaign included organizing rallies, awareness meetings, poppet shows, training of potential candidates of election etc. […]

Awareness campaign