Male panchs try to suppress the cases of violence against women and other related issues. Social evils are hurdles and police generally do not register the cases.

Tribal Self Rule (PESA):

Almost all the villages of the association works fall under the scheduled area. So the prime agenda of the Association is to prepare village to declare as village republic in accordance to the PESA Act. Presently there are 13 existing village assemblies that are working on 3‐4 powers mentioned in PESA and 20 new village assemblies were selected to process for declaring the village republic was done. One training of village assembly members was conducted to  enhance the understanding about implementation of PESA.

20 new village assemblies have started working on power 1‐2 of PESA Act. Discussions on developing village development are done in Gram Sabha meetings.


During the year association helped 1453 families to submit work demand application and 1389 got work,
out of this 546 got 100 days of work. Campaign and public hearing were also organized for increasing awareness. Rate increased from 149/‐ to 163/‐ .

Forest Rights Act:

During the year 10 community forest right claims were prepared and submitted at SDLC and got the receipt of the same. 3711 individual claims were submitted out of which 1133 land titles were issued. 1542 claims are at panchayat level, 638 at block level and 115 are at district level in process. One training was organized in which 12 women and 15 men participated. A public dialogue was organized at Jaipur. Convention to share problems related to Forest right was also organized which showed participation of 33 women and 12 men.

Right to Education (RTE):

The association chose 15 government schools to monitor according to the provisions of RTE Act implementation. As a result 4 schools got the teachers as per student teacher ratio, improvement in Mid‐day meal in all 15 schools, four
schools constructed separate toilets for girls and boys and 14 schools made arrangements of clean drinking water. 15 drop‐out children who migrated were re‐admitted in school.