Support Units

Astha have four Support Units, in addition to the Resource Units and the People’s Organizations. Support Units support the programme work that is going on in the Resource Units and P.Os.

These Support Units are:

Administrative Support Unit

The major role of the unit is to support and help the programmes units and People’s Organizations in relation to accounts and financial matters, mange human resources, maintain records, corresponding with government/ NGO/ national and international funding agencies, facilitate for logistics, supervision of Astha’s Property, etc.

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Support Unit

The Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) unit is established with aim to provide support to programme teams, and leaders of the people’s people organisations, to plan systematically, to think through: objectives, strategies, activities, work loads and time frames – and then to put a budget to the whole thing! PME unit suggest the appropriate ways of reflecting on and analyzing the work we do, of assessing the impact of our organizing and training, our research, documentation, issue action, leadership development, big events and small meetings, men and women’s work.

Documentation Support Unit

The Documentation Centre primarily helps and supports the People’s Organizations. It also provides resource material to various organizations who organize their training programmes in the Astha Training Centre. The unit provide resources to other NGOs on request. Documentation Centre is a rich resource having materials on the various issues taken up by us. Astha and other organizations, use this material in determining their actions and strategies. The unit is well equipped with Library, Documentation & Publication and Audio-Visual Documentation.